Training Wheels setup and user guide

This article is about our "Training Wheels" app that makes onboarding much easier on Zendesk.

Congratulations! You are about to make adding new agents to your team so much less of a hassle.

  1. A new agent joining the team can draft replies to customer and managers can approve those replies without ever leaving Zendesk.

  2. Simple data insights about how many replies were approved on the first go will give a good understanding of when an agent is ready to reply to customer queries on their own.


  1. Create two new groups in Zendesk 

    - One for the new agents who you’d like to onboard (Let's call it ‘Reviewees’)
    - Another one for the managers/ agents who would be checking the drafted messages and approving them for sending out (we’ve called it ‘Reviewers’)

  2. Install the Training Wheels app from the Zendesk marketplace
  3. Set up the designated ‘Reviewees’ and ‘Reviewers’ groups in Training Wheels app

Reviewee (new agent) workflow

  1.  Reviewee picks/ or gets assigned a ticket from the queue. It’s important to make sure that they are assigned to the ticket under the correct Group (In our case ‘Reviewee’). You can assign a ticket to yourself via the ‘Training Wheels’ app
  2. The next step for the trainee is to draft a proposed reply to the ticket as an ‘Internal comment’
  3. The trainee should choose the ticket status once it will be sent out (Pending/Open/Solved).
  4. And then submit the ticket for review by clicking on ‘Ready for review’ in the Training Wheels app.

Once the ticket is submitted, the ‘reviewee’ can start the work on the next ticket.

The trainees can keep an eye on their tickets via the custom ‘Views’ that TrainingWheels creates for them:


  • Disapproved reviews to see tickets where the reviewers have given additional feedback and where the ticket needs to be re-drafted and re-submitted. It’s important to keep an eye on that view at all times and redraft a reply as soon as feedback is received.
  • Pending reviews show tickets that are waiting for approval or disapproval from a reviewer.
  • Review history shows all tickets that have gone through Training Wheels review process.


Additionally, a notification gets sent out to the trainees as soon as one of his/her tickets gets reviewed (and the TrainingWheels logo turns into an exclamation mark when there is a new unread notification).

Reviewer (manager) workflow

  1. TrainingWheels creates a separate view for ‘Reviewers’ called ‘Pending reviews’. This is where the reviewers will be able to see all the tickets that the trainees have submitted for approval.

  2. The reviewer can review the trainee’s response to the ticket and either

    - Leave feedback for how to improve the ticket on the internal note and click on ‘Could Improve’ and the ticket will be referred back to the trainee to refine and submit for review again

    - OR press and hold the ‘Approve’ button and the proposed response from the trainee will be sent out to the client as a reply.

Additionally, a notification gets sent out to the reviewer as soon as a trainee submits a new draft for review (and the TrainingWheels logo turns into an exclamation mark when there is a new unread notification).


From the moment you download the app, we start tracking how many drafts get approved for trainees right away vs after some feedback from reviewers.

Under ’Usage’ you’ll see how many reviews your team has done in a month and under ‘Statistics’ you can see what is the overall approval rating for the trainees.

Trainees can only see their own statistics and approval rate. The reviewers can see all trainees approval rate as well as general usage data.


- If the Training Wheels app keeps on loading click on the top left-hand corner ‘Refresh’ to refresh the apps page.

- If there seems to a problem with views/ settings → refresh the whole page in Zendesk and check if that has solved the issue.

If you experience any futher issues or have suggestion on improvements, do not hesitate to start a chat here or reach out to

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