Setting up teams

Setting up teams

You can set up several teams under one Klaus account. In some cases, you might want to have everyone under one team whereas in other instances it makes sense to set up separate teams. What to consider?

  • Do you want to review the tickets according to the same criteria for everyone?
    • If yes, consider just one team.
    • If you use different rating criteria it might be a good idea to separate the account into different teams.
  • Do you use different Zendesk instances for different teams?
    • If yes, set the different Zendesk instances up as separate teams in Klaus.
    • If no, you can have everyone under one team in Klaus.
  • Do you have sub-teams and or sort of categorization in your current team setup (for example by channel, by tier, by topic, by client type)?
    • If yes, consider using separate teams in Klaus
    • If no, a single team will work perfectly well
  • Do you want to perform different types of ticket reviews on the same agents? Peer review as well as manager review? Self-review and manager review? Reactive (focusing on tickets with long response time and bad CSAT for example) and proactive ticket review (randomly choosing tickets for review)?
    • If yes, set up a separate team for each review type.
    • If no, one team is enough.

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