Getting started for Reviewers

As a Reviewer (Team reviewer/ Team Manager role), you’ll mostly be spending time in the “Review Tickets” page that looks like this

Work on an existing filter

  • When clicking on the blue filters button, you’ll be able to review the existing filters that are shared with you
  • Pick any of them to start working on reviewing tickets OR create a new filter
  • To create a new filter hit the “+” sign on the top right of the “Filters” panel


Create a new filter


  • By default all filters are Public (visible to all team reviewers and roles above), untick the box in front the filter name to make them Private, so only you could see them.
  • You can filter tickets by any parameters you have in Zendesk as well as Klaus specific parameters (tickets reviewed, not reviewed, highlighted, etc).
  • Use dynamic date parameters where possible (last 7 days, yesterday, last month, etc), so that new tickets would automatically upload to the filter.
  • “Related to” looks at tickets where the agent has been part of the conversation with the customer, but not necessarily assigned to the ticket. Use this instead of “Assigned” to see more variety of tickets for the agents
  • You can “Edit”, “Clone” and “Delete” existing filters. Using the “Clone” function is a quicker way of creating many similar filters.

Reviewing tickets and messages


Rating the ticket - taking into account the whole conversation.


    • Unrated categories will appear as light grey
    • Once you’ve rated the category, it will be either green, dark grey or red, depending on the rating
    • You will be able to see the ticket score at the top of the page. It is calculated based on the ratings and their weighting (set by a manager under team settings)
    • For quick navigation use the next/ previous button on the review panel
    • You can only review agents who are part of your team in Klaus. You might get an error message if you try to review others tickets.


Rating a specific message in the conversation

  • Click on the specific message you’d like to review and go through the same process as above, making sure that the rating goes to the correct person.



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